Our First Blog Post

Start of a new adventure…

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

— Rachel Wolchin

January 2020. We have moved our family of two grown-ups, two kids and one dog from the only home the girls remember – the moderate climate of Goombungee on Queensland’s Darling Downs – to an exciting (and a little bit daunting) new start in Innisfail, Tropical North Queensland.

Leaving friends is tough. No more Friday arvo drives to visit grandparents or cousins for the weekend. The girls took some convincing.

BUT … we have promised a big new adventure, and plenty of fun exploring.

In the spirit of embracing these adventures, and sharing them with family and friends, we decided to start a blog.

Mostly we will be sharing our exploration around Innisfail, the Cassowary Coast and Far North Queensland. Occasionally we will have an adventure to other ‘home towns’ when we visit family and friends. Hopefully we will travel further afield from time to time. It will ALWAYS be really fun and very exciting!

Enjoy the journey 🙂

The Bucket List

What better way to start an adventure than with a bucket list of things you want to see and do. Time to share ours …

Part of selling this move to Misses A and Z was selling the great things that they can experience in North Queensland. So Miss A and Mrs M sat down and made a bucket list of things we’d like to do and see.

Here it is:

We have stuck it to the fridge, because everyone knows there is no more inspirational place to hold your treasured goals and memories. And because we can take pleasure in marking off the adventures.

Technically, we’ve already marked off the cassowary sighting (more on that later). But because that one has been a personal bucket list goal for Mrs M for a really long time, (and really, who could ever get tired of spotting wild cassowaries?) we’ve added it to the list.

So sit back, give us time to work out how to seamlessly integrate photos with text on this blog thing, and enjoy the ride!