Tiny Baby Fish

Bucket List goal number 10 is to go fishing and catch a big fish. We have had a couple of short fishing trips since arriving, but so far the big fish has eluded us. In fact, it’s fair to say that nearly all fish have eluded us.

As part his strategy to land ‘The Big One’, Mr M has started throwing the cast net to bring in some bait fish (aka ‘tiny baby fish’), under the expert tutelage of Grandad M. Miss Z has been loving this activity, which has made it to the top of her personal list of favourite things to do. I have to admit, it is heaps of fun just spending time down at the pontoon with the cast net, some snacks and a couple of fishing lines, even if we don’t end up bringing dinner home.

This is a little brief about our afternoon down at the pontoon at Coconuts, where the view and the outdoors make for an enjoyable, if lazy, afternoon, whether the fish are biting or not. Words by Miss Z.

We got down to the river. Dad threw the net out and when he pulled it back up there were tiny fish in there. They are really hard to get out, but all of them lived. We put the tiny fish in the Esky when we got them out of the net. It was full of water. They can swim around in there and I can put my hands in and catch them and pull them out.

The little fish are different types and colours: Mostly silver, but some were a bit orangey and some were a bit rainbow. They were very jumpy, and some tried to jump out of the Esky.

The little fish were used as bait. We caught a cod. We didn’t eat it because it wasn’t big enough. The cod was kind of a brown colour, and had dark spots. It had a very big mouth to swallow lots of fish. I looked it up on the fish chart.

When Dad threw the fishing line out, some birds came to try and take the bait. We threw some tiny fish out for the birds to catch and eat. The birds would swoop down into the water and catch them. Mum got us fish and chips to eat.

I like going down to the river, because the tiny fish are adorable! They make their home there. Being at the river was very enjoyable, but I’d like to catch more fish next time!

One thought on “Tiny Baby Fish

  1. That sounds like a brilliant place to spend time Team M!!!!! I love those little fish too Z. 🙂 What a super cool Cod, can’t wait til you catch one large enough to have for dinner!!!! Keep having a great time, we love seeing your adventures. Oh and we love your new uniforms, hope you both had a great first day. 🙂 Cass and Coop.


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