Wet Wet Tully

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing, we have been venturing out and about a little, so time to resume the blog after a long absence. Might be a good time to start with a short one to brush off the cobwebs …

While travel is back on the cards within Queensland, the North Queensland weather has not been playing ball, bringing rain, rain and more rain for the past couple of weeks. Last weekend we decided that a drive to Tully was a fitting way to spend a rainy day.

Although Tully is often referred to as the ‘Wettest Place in Queensland’, the coveted Golden Gumboot honour for recording North Queensland’s highest annual rainfall has actually gone to Babinda for the past few years. Nonetheless, Tully (average annual rainfall of 4,490mm, with a 2019 total of 3,278mm) proudly boasts a Golden Gumboot that stands 7.9 metres tall, representing the Australian record 7,900mm of rain recorded in 1950. There is a viewing platform at the top, but the doorway was locked when we stopped by, so photos were limited.

After stopping at the Golden Gumboot, we took a stroll down the main street and noted that Tully takes its rainy reputation pretty seriously … even the public bins have three-dimensional gumboots protruding from them and are brightly painted with various wet and tropical themes.

A lot of shops and cafes remained closed, despite the lifting restrictions. We stopped by Tully Hot Bread for a snack. The girls chose cream donuts with pink icing, which I’m reliably informed were delicious. We grabbed a beef and mushroom pie, which unfortunately was a bit disappointing. Nice pastry, but the filling was a bit grey and flavourless, with a consistency as though too much flour had been used to thicken an overly-generous quantity of liquid. We did enjoy sitting in the park.

Walking back down the main street, which has a modest ‘Australian country town’ feel, though plenty of shops to browse when restrictions are completely lifted, I couldn’t help snapping a photo of the ‘Iggulden’s’ facade: Retro styling at its best!

We will definitely be visiting Tully and surrounds again.

2 thoughts on “Wet Wet Tully

  1. So great you are out adventuring again guys!!!! Do they still offer great white water rafting adventures on the Tully??? A mate has been transferred to your part of the world and informs me that the Babinda Bakery is the bomb. Keep the great pics and stories coming, we really love them. 💙


    1. Yes, on both counts – the Babinda Bakery is fantastic – shall have to share some photos – and there is still white water rafting at Tully usually, though currently on hold with the restrictions. We are hoping it starts up again so Tim & I can go!


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