Flying Fish Point

With school holidays upon us we’ve been thinking about things we can do to get out-and-about when one parent does not have leave from work (bummer).

About a month or so back we took an afternoon drive to Flying Fish Point, just to hang out. Flying Fish Point is the northern headland of the entrance to the Johnstone River (The southern headland is called Coquette Point). It made for a pleasant afternoon outing, and definitely something we’re happy to do again, perhaps with a fish and chip dinner to round out the evening.

We wandered out along the rocky outcrop from the river side to the ocean side, but didn’t spot much wildlife. There are plenty of empty oyster shells adhered to the rocks on the ocean side, but no live ones that we could spot. There were a few fishermen on the ocean side, but we had a chat and they advised that the weren’t really catching anything.

The survey mark we located up on the grassy headland was very interesting, as was the fault line running through the rocky outcrop. Makes you wonder at the forces that have been at play over the centuries, shaping the land to what we see today.

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